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Jon Johnston was born in a little town in Western Nebraska. He got the hell out of there when he graduated high school, heading to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where he worked his ass off, cramming a four-year BA in Art (with minors in physics, math, and film studies) into seven years.

After that he moved to Minneapolis, where he became an IT Consultant and talked his way into reviewing software for a magazine. It set the stage for a 20-year side career of writing about the computer industry. When blogging started, it killed all the magazines he wrote for, so Jon moved on to sports and currently runs the stupidly-named web site It’s about the Nebraska Cornhuskers. And life.

Now he’s starting to write other things. 

Like a memoir. 

About being dead. 

That seems like a good start into the rest of his writing life, eh?

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